New Montage Creative

The Digital Weave

From creative concept to page design and content population, we build dynamic, satisfying websites for our clients.

The Approach

Along with establishing the essential web presence, our central goal is helping our clients engage their visitors.

New Montage Creative approaches this through a melding of word and visual, all woven into your distinction.

The secret to this hides in plain sight: powerful content that honors your values, speaks in your voice, and encourages your connections.

New Montage Creative Services

Website Strategy


Research, interviews, competitive research

Word Choice

Optimized for both the human eye and search engines

Responsive Design

Built to look terrific on all devices and screen sizes


Image/code compression for speedy page loads


24/7 monitoring to keep your site humming


Weaving your reach throughout social media assets

Recent & Ongoing Web Work

And Then?

Strategize. Optimize.

We replatformed a 75+ page lead-gen website and optimized content for one of our clients.

The graphics below demonstrate the direct and immediate effects on visitor bounce rate and time on site as a result our efforts.

Click the images to open larger versions.

⏤ Edward Hopper

“If you could say it in words, there would be no reason to paint.”

⏤ Edward Hopper