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How do
Bounce Rates and Average Session Durations affect your Internet presence and your business? A lot, and often in important ways. Click HERE for an example of our dramatic results.
Based in Brooklyn. Weaving Worldwide.

The Digital Weave

The Written Word
We conduct business by actually communicating with you.

Revolutionary, eh?


New Montage Media enhances your value proposition through…

The Digital Weave
website design • web content • company video

organically optimized content • social media

From concept to content population: websites built beyond expectations.

Superbly stylized videos for any business or personal need.
The Words

Well-researched, fluid, and SEO-optimized editorial content.

Our Approach

The Internet contains sites that often are dazzlingly inventive, filled with easily accessed information. And the Internet is also clogged with new technology's bells and whistles that camouflage a site's information and intention.

At New Montage Media, we like some of that dazzling technology.

We'll use it, if you want.

And yet, our work is based on the essential ingredients . . .

     listening to you
     communicating with you
     responding to your requirements

. . . all toward making your value proposition absolutely shine.
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Your Results

Enriched content that stays on-message.
Precision web design, woven to meet your requirements.
Social media campaigns to triangulate all of your digital assets.
An online presence that both honors and reflects your intentions.

to begin weaving your new experience.

New Montage Media: Results-Driven

Recent Work

The Yard Ramp Guy
yard ramp guy collateral
Yard Ramp Guy Infographic
The Yard Ramp Guy®

New Montage transformed our client’s web presence into a content-rich, SEO-optimized lead gen site.

  • Complete & Responsive Replatforming
  • Real-time Locator Map
  • Monthly Review & Strategy
  • Social Media Triangulation
  • Thorough Coordination with PPC Management
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Duffy Jennings book
duffy jennings willie mccovey
Duffy Jennings

This Bay Area journalist and PR Renaissance man commissioned a website highlighting his rich and extensive portfolio of writing.

  • Searchable Archives
  • Deep Visual Complement
  • Montaginated Graphics
  • Optimized Organic SEO
NATCO Transport New Montage
natco transportation freight
natco transport
NATCO Transport

Complete replatforming of a long-dormant website. Our work includes social media management and a blog that we compose through research and interviews.

  • Responsive Design
  • Extensive Google Maps Customization
  • Redundant Contact Request Backups
Our American Stories
OAS photo restoration
Our American Stories brochure
Our American Stories

Two superb journalists engaged us to produce a complete redesign for their innovative small business engaging in personal and company histories.

  • Intuitive Navigation
  • Fully Responsive Presentation
  • Optimized Organic SEO
  • Design of Marketing Collateral
Linda Carroll MS, LMFT, BCC
New Montage Media Linda Carroll
Linda Carroll: Love Cycles
Linda Carroll, MS

This renowned relationship counselor and author hired us to replatform her site to maintain best practices.

  • Fluid Responsive Design
  • Three Sites Synthesized into One
  • Bookstore with PayPal Integration
  • Ongoing, Frequent Session Updates


new montage media
Above and Beyond
“I couldn't be happier choosing New Montage to create and manage my website. They’ve gone above and beyond on many occasions. Everyone who sees the site asks who did it.”
new montage media
Beautifully Designed
“The website is very beautifully designed. It speaks volumes about who you are.”
new montage media
“I’m absolutely, totally delighted. You did an amazing job, and I'm thrilled.”
new montage media
Excellently Configured
“Excellently configured in thought and content.”
new montage media
“I just spent the last hour reviewing your site. It is so beautiful, sweet, hilarious, touching, and creative.”
new montage media
Consummate Professional
“Hal exemplifies the consummate professional wordsmith. His efficiency, timely completion, and grasp of the intellectual requirements of our project resulted in an outstanding and effective outcome.”
new montage media rapidsoft press
Expert Website Design
“Hal is an expert at website design and implementation. I appreciate the hard work that he puts into his creations for his clients. He has certainly done a bang-up job for me and my company.”

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