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In the digital age, words remain as vital as ever, a portal
through which we express and explore.

New Montage honors that.

We craft timely, creative, well-researched communications.


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Triangulating Your Value Proposition

If you build it, he will come
. That’s a sweet idea for a baseball movie…and one that simply doesn’t work in the online arena. Hundreds of people launch websites each day. It’s crowded out there. Like jostling for space on the subway at rush hour.

New Montage handles organic social media for our clients. And successfully so.

We pride ourselves on creating pages filled with organic, search engine-optimized content—both forward facing and “under the hood” (meta information that helps search engines like Google and Bing categorize and rank your site in their algorithms).

Now, think bigger: An excellent way to enhance your web presence is to triangulate it. With Facebook, Twitter, and blogging as three of the most dominant social media platforms, we strongly recommend establishing and enhancing these accounts with consistent and quality entries. They will help maximize your exposure to show the world—or a particular world—your voice, your expertise, your angle.

Send us a message or phone us at 646.575.1200, and let’s discuss the possibilities.

— A Sampling —

Ongoing Blog 

The Yard Ramp Guy

Weekly blog entries, including: research, composition, and upload. In addition, we create entries for the client’s Facebook and Twitter accounts.
Web Content 

Wales Darby

Complete content rewrite and edit—utilizing research, source material, and interviews—for this highly respected firm representing the mechanical engineering industry.
Commissioned Essay 

Carnegie Corporation of New York

A history of National Public Radio, commissioned by Carnegie Corporation of New York.
Band Bio 

Band Bio

That's a bio for an up-and-coming band, a tight bunch of army buddies who have terrific passion and great talent for music.
“I arise in the morning torn between a desire to improve the world and a desire to enjoy the world. This makes it hard to plan the day.”

— E.B. White

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